Tanzania Association of Tour Operators



Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) was established in 1983 to represent the licensed tour operators and carrying out Advocacy for and on behalf of its members, to coordinate Public and Private sector Partnership, to undertake and publish research in matters connected to tourism activities and operations, to disseminate information to its members and relevant institutions. The Association also provides Training and Education to its members and employees.


To become a strong and respected association that fully meets the needs of its members.


To unite, promote and give tools to local and international individual Tour operators to put Tanzania in the world Map, as most unique place for tourist destination globally.



(i) To promote and facilitate members to provide marketable tourist services into local and International market.

(ii) To act as a link between the members, government and its institutions in promotion of tourism in Tanzania.

(iii) To coordinate the members and help them in all technical matters pertaining Tourism both at national and International Level.

(iv) To promote tour operators ability to interact with community at large and to protect interest of individual tourists.

(v) To undertake feasibility study, research, appraisal, managing and executing programs and projects for the economic and community development in areas where tourism activities are carried out or in remote areas in Tanzania