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Climb Mountain Kilimanjaro
At5,895 metres (19,340 feet) above sea level, Kilimanjaro is Africa’shighest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain which iswalk able summit. Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown of Tanzania. Risingabruptly from the open plains, capped by snow and frequently fringed byclouds, it is one of Africa’s classic images. The diameter of its baseis an incredible 40 kilometers. Mount Kilimanjaro can only be safelyattempted while you are in Tanzania and any assistance due to healthproblem can be easily overtaken by experienced guides in Tanzania.
TheMount Kilimanjaro Porters Association came into power to stipulate therights and awareness of porters who climb the Kilimanjaro. For a groupof five to ten people two to three licensed guides are enough with themaximum of two porters per person who will carry your luggage, campingtents (if isn’t Marangu route) and cooking facilities. The maximumweight that a porter is supposed to carry is 15 kilograms.
Kilimanjarois a dormant, but not extinct volcano. Worrying thunder can sometimesbe heard and gases emerge from the fumaroles in the crater. Althoughjust three degrees south of the Equator, the peaks of both Kibo andMawenzi have permanent caps of snow and ice.
Duringtheir time on the mountain, climbers pass from a tropical to arcticenvironment in just a few days. The various trails first pass throughlush rainforests before reaching heather and open moorland where giantlobelia and huge, cactus-like groundsel grow. Above this moorland isthe almost lunar landscape of an alpine desert which stretches betweenthe two peaks of Kibo, the flat-topped dome at the centre, and Mawenzi,a group of jagged points and pinnacles on the eastern side.
MountKilimanjaro is attempted using its six popular routes of which one iscommonly used for descending only the Mweka route another routesinclude the Marangu (which is both used for climbing and descendingafter climbing using other routes such as Machame, Rongai, Lemosho,Umbwe, Shira and itself.
Maranguis the only route with huts as accommodations leaving others toaccommodate hikers using the mobile tents. Each route in Kilimanjarohas its different challenge and view and landscape but the bottom lineis to reach to the Roof to of Africa which is Uhuru Peak.

Mountain Kilimanjaro Itineraries
* Marangu Route 5 Days/ 4 Nights
* Machame Route 6 Days/ 5 Nights
* Shira Route 7 Days/ 6 Nights
* Umbwe Route 6 Days/ 5 Nights
* Lemosho Route 10 Days/ 9 Nights