Ranger Safaris

It has been 30 years since our first safarileft Arusha to visit some of the Tanzania’s stunning national parks. Many of usgrew up in Africa and have been fortunate to experience the glow of an Africansunset. No matter how many times we see the mist clear to reveal a herd ofelephants on the plains, the majestic bateleur eagle soaring alone in the clearblue sky or thousands of zebra walking along the plains in search of new grass,we are struck by exquisite beauty on safari. The sounds, the smells and theimages of Africa are captivating and we hope you will let us share them withyou.

Tanzania is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, acountry of great beauty and diversity. It encompasses some of Africa’s mostwonderful sights: the Serengeti with its millions of wildebeest that congregatehere annually and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where a huge concentration ofgame coexists naturally with Maasai. Then there are the snow-capped peaks ofKilimanjaro, the Zanzibar Spice Islands, Lake Tanganyika with its chimpanzees,Ruaha, Selous… the list is endless.

Ranger Safaris is one of the leading touroperator in Tanzania. With decades of knowledge, we have some of the country’smost experienced safari guides, a luxury mobile camping operation and a modernfleet of four-wheel drive vehicles enabling access to extremely remotelocations.