Sirili Akko

Position: CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Akko joined TATO in 2010 from World Vision Tanzania where he was working as a project accountant. He holds solid training in Private Sector Development, Finance, and Business Management.

Being the CEO he is charged with the role of being head of TATO managememt which is an executive arm of the association and is responsible to among other things, develop and crafting advocacy strategies, spearhead negotiations, and representing the association in various platforms. More importantly, his key role is to support The Board to discharge its role to serve the members and industry at large.

He is the proud Rotarian and is serving on Boards of community non-governmental organizations and Tourism sustainability organizations both within the Country and abroad.



Michael Mollel

Position: TATO Administrative Assistant

Michael Mollel joined TATO in October 1993 and  he has passion for office activities.

Michael is responsible for supporting all TATO staff in their day to day activities, banking, cleanliness, filing of the office documents and purchase of office stationery. He is also responsible for following up of the business licenses and other tourism licenses for membership.

He is the most experienced TATO staff in his line of work and as such has offered unrivaled quality on his work. He has passion and love for tourism sector. Before joining TATO he worked for Bonnite Bottlers ltd Arusha, and Perfect Printers ltd. Michael, attended various courses on tourism and office management to complement his extensive experience.



Emmy Kimaro

Position: Public Relations Officer

Emmy Kimaro holds a BA in Public Relations and Marketing from St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Mwanza campus. She joined TATO late in 2016 as a Public Relations Officer (PRO).

She acquainted herself with the media fraternity and built her local, regional and international network with journalists after her internship stints with the country’s leading print and digital media house — Mwananchi Communication Limited, Media Horizon Agency and Habari Maalum College where she produced some journalist.

With tourism passion at heart, Ms Kimaro provides TATO with a wider opportunity for engaging the media in the promotion of the multi-billion-dollar industry in and outside Tanzania.



Joyce Mathias Ndakidemi

Position: Accountant

I joined TATO as an accountant in 2016.  When joining TATO I had over 8 years of experience in Accounting and Finance from TATO’s sister company Karibu Fair. I have a Banking and Finance background from Institute of Accountancy Arusha where I graduated in 2008.

I am in charge of posting journal entries, preparing financial statements, and maintaining accounts, receivables, or payables. I also administer monthly payroll for the company’s employees while preparing reports on the progress made throughout each month. Moreover I am responsible for financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring financial records are accurate throughout the year.

At TATO I am as well responsible for managing the aspect of the employment process, including, contracts, orientation and training new staff members.

I am a proud mother of two children and I take time reading and do consultation to your entrepreneurs when not working.



Saitoti Kitashu Laizer

Position: Security Guard

Mr Laizer started working with TATO as a security guard in 2017. He started his career in guarding early 1997 where he was trained as a Community Security Guard. He has numerous years of experience in guarding with different organisations, prior to TATO he worked for Karibu Fair.

At TATO he safeguards premises and employees by patrolling property, monitoring stakeout equipment, and access points. Investigates security breaches, incidents, and other alarming comportment. Controls traffic by directing drivers. Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities.

Mr. Laizer is also a family man, he loves and practices farming and pastoralism.  He believes that the first impression of the organization lies at the entry point. He is committed to paint a smile and positivity to everyone entering TATO premises.


Dominik Moses Loreu

Position: Security Guard

Mr Loreu started his career as a security guard in 2009 and started working for TATO in September 2017. Prior to TATO he has worked for different organisations.

At TATO he maintains premises and employees by traversing property, monitoring stakeout equipment, and access points. Investigates security openings, dealings, and other alarming comportment. Controls traffic by directing drivers and directing visitors. Completes reports by recording observations, information, occurrences, and surveillance activities. Mr Loreu is dedicated to ensure safety of employees, visitors and premises at TATO.


Mr. Firoz Dharamshi
Managing Director,
Simba safaris Ltd
P.O. Box 1207