Ways to donate:

1. Bank Transfer: Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), Account No: 42810004337 National Microfinance Bank, SWIFT CODE NMIBTZTZ

2. Make a cheque in favor of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and mail it to: The CEO, Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, 11 Simeon Rd, Sekei Ward. P.o.Box 6162 Arusha- Tanzania.

3, Contact CEO,Mr. Sirili Akko through email: sirili@tatotz.org mobile/WhatsApp number +255754535637.

TATO Projects to support tourism

1. De-snaring in Serengeti National Park:

TATO has coordinated its members to fund the removal of removing snares in the Serengeti National Park. The project is being implemented by the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

 (https://fzs.org/en/projects/serengeti-conservation/serengeti-de-snaring-programme/ )



2. Diplomatic and Tourism Police Unit:

President: John Pombe Magufuli official opening the police station

Arusha April 7, 2018 – President John Magufuli inaugurated a modern police facility for international visitors named Arusha Tourism and Diplomatic Police Station built this year by members of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators at cost of 194 million shillings. The facility was built mainly to deal with police cases involving tourism and foreigners visiting North Tanzania. The association built the special police station to ensure that Arusha, the hub of Tanzanian’s northern tourism circuit, remains safe heaven for both foreign tourists and diplomats. furthermore, the facility is meant to serve foreign visitors easily and quick, and to raise the profile of the country, too, in matters of security and justice

               During the inauguration ceremony, the president laughed at the association for leading the way in completing government efforts to address the problems hindering social and economic development in the country. Note the idea to build the station developed from the long-time good working relation between the Association and the Police Force that includes the establishment of a tourism desk at the Central Police Station in the city in 2013 to oversee the safety of tourists in Arusha.

               In 2014, the Association gave a total of 15 motorcycles worth 27 million shillings to the police force in the region to complement Government efforts in maintaining security in the northern tourism circuit. And in 2016 the association contribute over 10 million shillings to cover the cost of repairing a police vehicle devoted to the tourism unit at the station.