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African Environments Ltd

For more than 30 years African Environments have pioneered the finest travel adventures in Tanzania. We were the first to offer the remote Western Breach Route up Kilimanjaro and have been leading climbs with safety and summit success in mind ever since. We are one of few companies permitted to run walking safaris in the Serengeti and have our own private luxury semi-permanent camps in three of Tanzania’s National Parks. We are proud to have a team of highly trained and skilled Tanzanians working as mountain, safari and driver guides,as well as cooks, porters, carpenters and mechanics whom are all integral to the success of our trips. As the name suggests African Environments also goes to great lengths to ensure that the environment and communities are dealt with best practice in mind. African Environments is not a budget safari option; we aim to provide unique and private adventure safaris for agents or personal bookings.

African Environments is a Tanzanian-based outfitter for Mountain Climbing, Game Viewing Safaris, Walking Safaris and Film Support in Tanzania.

Contact  adventure@africanenvironments.com or +255027 25508625

Website: http://www.africanenvironments.com