ADRESS: P.O.BOX 12490 Arusha,Tanzania

LOCATION: TFA complex next to shopper’s supermarket Sokoine Road

CONTACT: +255 754315106
+255 784 315106
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EMAIL: info@jackpotsafaris.co.tz


WEBSITE: www jackpotsafaris. co.tz




Welcome to Jackpot Safaris. We are proud of our country and look forward to showing our guests the beautiful nature and wildlife of Tanzania. My name is Andrew Malalika and I have been running our local safari business with my family since 2001.

What sets us apart from other safari companies is that we were born and raised here. I and my family are also committed to preserving our nature and culture. We are very closely networked and know the right contact person for every concern of our guests. With us you are in absolutely safe hands.

Although it is not always easy to find the balance between the demands of our guests and respect for our nature and culture, almost all of our guests appreciate our sensitivity and are grateful and happy for the experience they have on their safari with Jackpot have made. This is also proven by the Tripadvisor awards, which we are very proud of.

We don’t want to offer our guests embarrassing performances of Maasai, but we do have a few Maasai friends who are more than happy to share their culture with us. Not for money, but because they are proud of their culture and open-minded.

It can also happen that we meet an old friend on the way who spontaneously invites us to dinner at his house. If all our guests agree, we gratefully accept such invitations. These are often great moments to get an insight into our life in Tanzania.

Jackpot Safaris offers safaris in budget or luxury lodges, in luxury tented camps as well as cheap camping safaris in beautiful Tanzania. Tanzania is the best African safari country according to travelers who have experienced wildlife safari tours in Tanzania.

To give you a first insight into what you can expect from us, we have put together a trip for you here. This trip is perfect if you have never been to Tanzania.