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Kudu Safaris

PO Box 378, Arusha

+225736 500 453



It is over 15 years since Kudu Safaris first safari left Arusha for wide-open wilderness that is a characteristic of Tanzania. Many never realise that such household names as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and the island of Zanzibar are all to be found in Tanzania,which is next door to Kenya.

However, besides the world famous names there are so many more wilderness jems still little known to the outside world.Tarangire Park, where besides a mass of other-species, you can guarantee seeing many elephant. Sometimes, very personal and up-close to the vehicle. For many this is their favourite park. Alternatively, if you wish to venture south into Tanzania, visit the Selous National Reserve and Ruaha National Park. Two vast wilderness areas very different from each other in vegetation and ambiance. Ruaha is Africa un compromised; wild,tough and unforgettable. The Selous with the lazy Rufiji River winding through it offers the visitor the pleasure of seeing wildlife from a boat or vehicle. A place of enormous oxbow lakes, sunset silhouettes of tall Borasis Palm trees and a mass of birdlife from the black and white Fish Eagles to the diminutive Malachite Kingfisher. Schools of happy hippos snorting their disapproval as you drift by or enormous crocodiles cruising on the surface like battleships on the look out for any careless animals venturing down to the water.

Finally a few days on Zanzibar and its surrounding islands with their historic buildings and deserted beaches completes a memorable holiday in Tanzania.

Kudu Safaris is a small closely run company and we particularly pride ourselves in having good guides of which 99%are multilingual. After every safari, we review the client questionnaires in an effort to get things perfect and find out where mistakes were made. Using our four-wheel-drive vehicles your choice can be endless from comfortable camping through to luxury camping and then there are many attractive lodges we can take you to. Our purpose is to put an adventure together with an emphasis on money for value. This way anything is possible. To discover the diversity of our parks and wildlife we suggest you visit the Tanzanian National Park’s website.