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Why Choose Us

There are so many companies from which to choose when planning your East African adventure that the list can be dizzying. How do you choose the right one? Price is definitely a major factor for most people. At Ona Safaris, we aim to offer competitive prices without jeopardizing our ethical standards, the level of quality we assure, and the safety and satisfaction of our clients. In addition, we are accredited by the Tanzania Tourist Board and Tanzania National Parks as well as TATO (Tanzania association of Tour Operators) . As a company we are commitment that really differentiates us from other tour companies:


  • A response to your quote request within 24 hours of receipt, and timely communication thereafter;
  • A friendly, patient approach, with a personal touch and professional suggestions;
  • Expertise and knowledge to clearly understand your needs;
  • Sensitivity regarding any special needs you may have;
  • Relentless efforts to make sure your program includes everything you require;
  • Superbly designed itineraries;
  • Caring drivers who put a premium on safety, and, importantly, know their stuff;
  • Well-maintained, and comfortable 4×4 safari vehicle fleet, with good openings for wildlife spotting and photography;
  • High-quality equipment, especially for mountain expeditions;
  • Accommodation with the highest standards;
  • Ongoing collaboration with our suppliers to ensure that best practices are being followed in healthcare and safety;
  • A seamless holiday where everything goes like clockwork and as promised; and
  • Payment protection for our clients through our TATO membership.


Company mission:

Ona Safaris is an ethical tour operator. While we do endeavor to offer competitive prices, we will not compete on price when doing so will jeopardize our ethical standards, the level of quality we assure, the caliber of our guides, or the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

As we are a fully independent tour operator, we are not tied to working with any specific accommodation supplier and have full flexibility to suit any budget and schedule. We are client-focused, and, as such, we work with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements in order to ensure that our customer service exceeds their expectations.

At Safarihub, we believe that serving local communities is not only integral to running a successful business, but is also our corporate responsibility when trying to promote countries such as Tanzania and its East African neighbors. By helping to develop these countries’ tourism infrastructure, we in turn contribute to job creation and make other opportunities possible flowing from international exposure.

Our Drivers & Vehicles


Our Drivers


Whether you are going on safari, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or taking a guided bush walk or town walking tour, Ona Safari’s guides are fully prepared to turn your adventure into a one-in-a-lifetime memorable experience. Friendly, caring, and extremely competent, they will “make” your holiday. Rest assured that you will be in the hands of a trained professional, not only in terms of park and wildlife knowledge, but also in terms of safety and customer service. Our all-in-one safari driver guides have years of driving experience on tarmac and rough terrain, and their road knowledge both inside and outside the parks is excellent. Our mountain guides will be your lifeline during your climbing expedition.They will lead you, teach you, monitor your physical state, care for you, encourage you when you don’t believe you “can” anymore, and share in your excitement and joy when you make it to the top!

Our Vehicles

One of the most important factors in any successful safari is the safari vehicle. Ona Safari’vehicle fleet combines the following features to ensure your safety and satisfaction throughout your safari:

  • Modern, safari-prepared 4×4 vehicles
  • Maximum comfort
  • Window seat for every passenger
  • Pop-up roof hatch for game viewing and photographing
  • Seat belt with each seat
  • 2-way long-range radio for easy communication between vehicles
  • Inverters for charging camera batteries and other devices.
  • Regular checks and servicing after each and every safari, and
  • Mini-fridge to keep drinks cold.