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Welcome to Regal African Safaris

Dreaming of Africa?

We are your gateway to the world of classic travels.

Let Regal African Safaris make your dreams come true with an affordable customized experience that lets you explore the rich tapestry of wildlife, landscapes, and cultures of Tanzania and beyond.

Fully registered as a safari outfitter owned and operated by Tanzanians with a home office in Arusha, we are very passionate about what we do and take pride to serve clients with our best services for incredible African safari experiences.

No matter what continent you come from, we will help you plan the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, whether you choose one of our commonly requested itineraries or design one of your own.

Maybe you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, sample the spices of Zanzibar, find yourself in the midst of the migration in Serengeti, or snap that perfect wildlife shot around a watering hole in the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater. Whatever your interest, we can craft an itinerary to match the time and budget you have available. Combinations of itineraries and extensions to other East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda can also be customized on request.

We specialize in private safaris and tours for individuals and groups, with a variety of optional activities to add that special touch to your travel – horseback or camel experiences, rafting, hot air balloon rides, educational opportunities, cultural village encounters, etc.

No one can tell the African story better than the natives themselves, so we invite you to explore with Regal African Safaris and discover the magic that happens when wildlife, landscapes, and people come together to weave the timeless tapestry that is Tanzania.

Why Visit Tanzania?

There are so many reasons why one should visit Tanzania, below please find some that will give you a highlight to start planning your trip with us:

Why Travel with Regal African Safaris?

  • 100% Tailor – made safaris
  • Top-notch local safari guides
  • Unlimited kilometers on games drives
  • Expert Knowledge: Hands-On Experience
  • Best service – Value for your money
  • Excellent business relations in the tourism industry
  • Reliable and reputable company
  • Fleet of quality safari vehicles
  • We are a legally registered safari company in Tanzania
  • We are a member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators in Tanzania

We are looking forward to hosting you in Tanzania and East Africa at large and promise to serve you with our unbeatable best services! No road is too long with us, we will tailor a safari to your liking and satisfaction and turn miles into smiles!

“Welcome Africa to explore and discover the splendors of Tanzania with Regal African Safaris”