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Roy Safaris Ltd, (1989), is a family run business specializing in tailor made Lodge safaris, Permanent tented safaris, Mobile camping safaris, Mountain treks, Cultural tours, Walking safaris & Beach holidays. We cater for Individuals, honeymooners, families, photographers (both amateur & specialist) as well as incentive & Study groups. Being Tanzanians, we are passionate about our country and have in-depth knowledge of our natural surroundings, wildlife, and indigenous cultures and are proud to be able to show you around Our Home.

Roy‘s is based in Arusha, and has arguably the best 4WD vehicles which are spacious, safe & ideal for game viewing. We are proud of our crew, who are all in-house trained and are very enthusiastic about their jobs. Our sales representatives both In Tanzania & Abroad offer timely responses & will help plan, and provide advice & information that is crucial in making your safari perfect!

Roy‘s is committed to offering quality at the Right price! The Magic of an African Safari Experience is so contagious that most visitors make return trips with friends and family, to share these unique magical moments.
Allow us to give you a Taste of The Real Africa – we assure you, you will be more than happy you planned your African Holiday with us!

Why Choose Roy’s?


We believe in personalized service, attention is given to detail and every trip is special to us…. People book as clients but leave as friends. At Roy’s, you do not have to book your trip of a lifetime on a group departure. At Roy’s, your safari can be just that – YOUR safari (with a personal driver / guide & vehicle)!

In addition to our sales team in Arusha, We have found it extremely crucial to appoint a few sales representatives abroad to assist with timely responses especially in areas where time differences result in delayed responses and alsoto help you avoid expensive phone calls to us. They will help plan, advice & offer information that is crucial in planning YOUR safari.


We choose to NOT compete with operators who charge less as they realize what their services are worth! Moreover, in Africa, you do not have to pay the most to get the best! We believe our prices to be affordable & the best available.

SUPERIOR VEHICLES: We are the ‘Trend Setters’

Our 4WDs consist of Toyota Land Cruisers. Among other things, we pride ourselves in our unique vehicle designs, which were put into effect (keeping in mind passenger safety, ease of game viewing & comfort at all times). Most of the extended Land Rovers and Land Cruisers you will see around you on safari in Northern Tanzania have been based on the preliminary model designed by Roy Safaris. We are therefore, proud to be the trend-setters that many other tour operators have seen fit to try & emulate.

We do not use minibuses for safaris. After having tried & tested buses, we do not find them tough enough for our itineraries on the African roads (this aspect is very true during rains and on routes away from tourist traps). Our client to driver / guide ratio is small, so more attention available!
Each 4WD is equipped with an HF radio, a set of referral books, a first aid kit, a cool box, a pair of binoculars & has either a pop-up or flip-flop rooftop- ideal for game viewing & photography! Our 4WD vehicles are maintained in our own workshop and can go just about anywhere in just about any conditions!

We have a few Vehicles designed specifically for instructional photographers. These must be pre-booked.


About 80% of our business is generated from tailor made programmes (from fly-in safaris, to drive in safaris & walking safaris; from palm fringed beaches to mountain peaks…). We offer maximum flexibility on the programme you want, for the dates convenient to you, and the accommodation style you prefer! That means maximum enjoyment on your safari – after all it is YOUR holiday and we will do our best to ensure we exceed your expectations!

EXCELLENT DRIVER / GUIDES: Knowledgeable, nature-loving, careful drivers & are friendly guides.

Our guides are Local, very well disciplined, polite, careful & love their work.
Without a good driver / guide (the most important aspect of a safari), a safari isn’t a safari! At least NOT a “Roy Safaris – Safari!”
Our in-house training helps update knowledge & skills required by our guides to make your trip extra special!

EXCELLENT MOUNTAIN GUIDES: Local, Polite, informative, encouraging & good coordinators.

They are the most important aspect of a trek… without their sternness on your pace, their coordination with the other crew, their encouragement when you so much feel like quitting, their hand on your shoulder when you feel sick or their bright smile when you are at the summit…. the trek will not be enjoyable!

LOCAL OPERATORS: We are a Tanzanian Company.

We were born here, live here & work here; we know Tanzania. When you purchase a Roy Safaris’ Safari you are dealing directly with the company providing the services, not with an agent shopping for services in Africa on your behalf. We have appointed a couple of Representatives to assist with timely responses especially in areas where time differences result in delayed responses and also to help you avoid expensive phone calls to us. So, we will help plan, advice & implement that really special safari for you!

Our guides are all local, knowledgeable and indigenous to this part of Africa – we do NOT employ foreign guides on safari or Mountain treks as we believe the best people to show you our homeland has to be a Tanzanian born and bred!

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: We support our community

Roy Safaris supports lots of community projects in and around Arusha & Ngorongoro Areas with special emphasis on “education for children”, as we believe knowledge is the key to helping growth of future generations.

We have built a school, clothed many, provided food for villages, taken medical supplies, provided study & Sports materials for many schools out in the bush. Many of our clients like to fit in at least a half day visit to some projects and play a little part in the lives of some of our less-fortunate children in Tanzania. We would be delighted to take you there, too!

With the amount of compassion we have seen with many Roy Safaris clientele, we felt it brought more comfort to both the donors and ourselves to be able to assure that funds/support received get directed precisely to where they are to be utilized and hence the creation of  The Sasha Foundation an NGO to support this cause. We thank all those who have supported us & those that continue to support us in our joint effort to assist the less fortunate in our community. By Purchasing a Roy’s Safari, you will be automatically contributing towards the wellbeing of the needy community in Areas around Arusha & Ngorongoro.


Anyone can have fabulous websites, glossy brochures and equally glossy promises;’ at Roy’s we use simplicity to its finest and are straightforward in telling you about what to expect on your safari and implement the promises we make. We deliver!

Ask those who have been with us through the 21-odd years we have been operating, they’ll give you first hand information about our service!

Should you choose us to be your hosts in Tanzania, be assured you will have the time of your life – you will be closer to nature, to the sounds & rhythms of the wild. You will get to see the “Real Africa”, the way it is meant to be seen. Interact with local people, learn about nature and the environment, and marvel at the splendid wildlife. You are sure to have an unforgettable and wonderful experience – and sure to come back time and time again, as many of our clients do.