Summits Africa is an East African specialist adventure outfitter providinga range of easy to book departures and professional outfitting services foradventure trips in East Africa.

We run professional, ethical, and safe treks up some of Africa’s highest peaksincluding Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, and Mt Kenya. Our guides are extremelyknowledgeable in acute mountain sickness health monitoring and train ourporters in first aid. We never jeopardize clients safety and always includesupplemental oxygen and pulse oximeters (devices that measure oxygen saturationin the blood) on all high-altitude climbs. Our company prides itself on payingour crews some of the highest wages on the mountain and we support careerprogression. We adhere to strict trash in trash out policies, belong to LeaveNo Trace, and recently became the first tour operator offering Carbon neutralclimbs in East Africa.

In addition, we also offer adventure itineraries using off-the-beaten track andeco-friendly tented lodges and camps for walking and driving safaris, biking,beach excursions, and our partners in Rwanda facilitate gorilla tracking.