Tanzania 2023-24 fiscal year commenced in July 2023.

Please find below and attached highlights from Tanzania 2023-24 Budget, and 2023 Tax Calendar:

1) Tanzania Budget 2023-24 Summary, prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Government Budget Division, issued in July 2023 (download here)

2) Tanzania 2023-24 Budget Bulletin, prepared by PWC (download here)

To help with compliance, Tanzania Tax Calendar 2023 prepared by PWC, is also attached (download here).

2023 Tax Calendar lists a number of important dates for the year 2023 in relation to tax payments and tax filings. It covers corporate and individual income tax, withholding tax, PAYE, SDL, WCF, NSSF, PSSSF, VAT and excise duty.
Please note that there are a number of other taxes and fees, payable to central or local government, which have not been included.

**IMPORTANT: 2023 Tax Calendar was issued before 2023-24 Budget changes, thus some tax rates stated in the 2023 Tax Calendar may differ from July 2023 onwards (SDL rate has decreased to 3,5% etc).

2024 Tax Calendar will be added as soon as it is produced.


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