On 21st March 2023, The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) declared the outbreak of Marburg Viral Disease (MVD) which has affected two wards of Bukoba District Council, Kagera region located in the North-Western part of the country.

Following the outbreak, the Government of the URT has decided to implement and enhance public health measures to contain the epidemic and further prevent local and international spread in line with the International Health Regulation of 2005. Thus, the Government has prepared the Travel Advisory No. 13 of 22nd March 2023 with immediate effect to implement effective measures related to international travel as follows:

  1. All departing and domestic travellers from Kagera region will be required to truthfully fill out an online Traveller’s Surveillance Form through: www.afyamsafiri.moh.go.tz
  2. All persons in the contact tracing list should be monitored regularly and prevented from leaving their places of isolation and travel.
  3. At any point of entry (airport, ground crossing or port), body temperature will be checked on all travellers. All persons with feverish conditions should be prevented from travelling in and out of the country until when they complete the monitoring period and given clearance to travel by the Port Health Authority.
  4. All travelers will be provided with health information cards with toll free number which is 199 and advised to self-monitor and report any signs and symptoms of MVD. Those with signs and symptoms will be tested and treated at designated government health facilities.
  5. While in the country, all international travelers should observe adherence to Infection Prevention and Control measures such as hand hygiene, keeping physical distancing and report any sign or symptom using toll free number.
  6. All Conveyance operators should observe adherence to Infection Prevention and Control including hand hygiene and use of alcohol-based sanitizer.
  7. All travellers should adhere to points of entry, exit and domestic screening measures being implemented in the country. This includes adherence to preventive measures by travelers and staff such as hand hygiene, use of alcohol-based sanitizers and physical distance.

Please download United Republic of Tanzania issues Travel Advisory No.13 here.


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